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Al Slemko Your Edmonton Home Improvement Contractor

From its formation by Al Slemko in 1981, A W Slemko Builders has grown into a thriving Home Improvement Contractor with customers throughout the Edmonton area. At first, Al worked alone and relied on word-of-mouth referrals. Today, he leads a strong, dedicated team to serve his customers fully.

The company accepts jobs of all sizes – from a bathroom renovation to an addition or renovation to an existing structure, or the construction of a new custom house. The possibility of that range was what drew Al to found his own business. He loved the creative side and wanted to offer a high-quality service of well-designed structures that complement the community in which they stand.

Al is familiar with the intricate details of home renovations from his many years of hands-on experience combined with his 6 years on the City of Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Of those 6 years, he chaired the board for 3 years.

Community is important to Al, and he has served his in a variety of ways. Prior to starting his company, Al earned a business degree from the University of Alberta and worked in planning and land development for the city of Edmonton. He has been involved with neighborhood planning issues.

What to Expect When Working With A W Slemko Builders

During nearly four decades, the company has developed a process that continues to deliver high-quality structures and word-of-mouth referrals. Once you have decided to start a home renovation, the following steps will bring your project from start to completion with ease!

  • You and a knowledgeable staff member of A W Slemko will work together to decide the scope of the project in order for plans to be completed. The plans must be submitted for approval by the city and for the acquisition of permits.
  • Most people with major projects have preliminary designs for their first consultation with their chosen Home Improvement Contractor in Edmonton. If not, the company works with a designer or may provide in-house design on minor projects.
  • After the design is complete, A W Slemko Builders can develop an estimate. The transparent, step-by-step, very detailed process prevents any possibility of sticker-shock for the customer.
  • Only after the project is approved and all permits are in hand, will A W Slemko Builders begin the actual construction of your project, designed to have a positive impact on the family who lives there, the community and the city.
  • A W Slemko Builders is Edmonton's Home Improvement Contractor that brings great aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and sustainability to its customers and community.