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Historical preservation and the betterment of the community are lifelong passions of Al Slemko, who founded A W Slemko Builders in 1981. The company remains faithful to his passion, becoming the leading Historical Home Restoration Contractor in the Edmonton area. We know that in order for a community to present a beautiful face, its old buildings must be appreciated and maintained.

Historical restoration is a complicated art. Each original piece must be restored, refinished and reassembled. Historical restoration is also a balancing act, especially in homes. For an old house to be relevant (and therefore remain alive), it must be comfortable enough for its family to enjoy living in it. The plumbing, heating and electrical systems must be modern and maintained in great working order.

What is Involved in a Historical Home Restoration?

Keeping the historical look outdoors and inside starts with a thorough inspection to check for structural issues associated with the building’s age and normal wear. The foundation must be assessed, and any needed repairs made. In extreme cases, a new foundation may be placed inside the original.

Once any structural problems are fixed, cosmetics can be addressed. If old crown moulding, baseboards, window and door casings can be saved, you can be sure we will keep them. Those beyond repair will be replicated in our own millwork shop. Our artisans are experienced in maintaining the integrity of historical buildings.

Funding to Help Pay for Home Restoration

If all this sounds expensive, it is. It is extremely labor intensive. Long hours and hard work are required of people who are experts in restoring old buildings. However, both Edmonton and Alberta have funding available to assist people in saving our historical buildings. Your Historical Home Restoration Contractor for the Edmonton area is familiar with the process of obtaining a "Historical Home" designation for your building and can steer you toward available funding from both the city and province. You can apply for one, or both.

If you have an old building you love and want to save, be sure to avail yourself of Al Slemko’s lifetime of learning. He has a passion for preserving the history of his community and is available to share his knowledge with you. Contact Edmonton’s premier Historical Home Restoration Contractor for a consultation. Let’s plan the future while saving the past.

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