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If you are renovating a home with older, out-of-stock moulding or a historic home, the custom millwork offered by A W Slemko Builders is vital to your project. During its nearly four decades of service to this area, the company recognized the need for a Custom Millwork Contractor in Edmonton. It has built its own shop and employs artisans capable of turning out high-quality millwork required for unique homes.

Areas Of Proficiency for Edmonton’s Custom Millwork Contractor

Among the work most often brought to our custom millwork shop are:

  • Custom closets and storage solutions – Only you know whether you wish to use your enormous walk-in closet as partial dressing room, with mirror, or how you wish to store your shoes and sweaters. Do you want to line your closet with special woods? Do you require more storage space and are considering using an unconventional area of your home? Closets and storage are very individual to the families and/or houses with which we work.
  • Custom kitchens – If you prefer standout kitchen cabinets instead of ho-hum doors that everyone has, A W Slemko Builders’ custom millwork can deliver exactly the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Window benches – A comfortable seat at a window affords you a wonderful place to read or watch people or wildlife. It might also be a perfect place for your pets to watch for you to arrive home. We excel at constructing window benches that will be appreciated by every member of your family.
  • Wainscoting, doors, crown moulding, finishing – Our shop and fine woodworkers can re-create designs from the Victorian era to today for use throughout your home.
  • Built-in furniture (dressers, benches, shelving) – Is there some area in your home that demands an unconventional size or shape built-in bench or shelf, maybe a dresser? Do you need to add elegance to your fireplace? We can design something for you that will fit perfectly with the space and the rest of your home.

Our experienced staff can assist you with reaching the vision you have for your home – and make it more livable as well as beautiful. If you are planning to renovate your home, contact Edmonton’s first-rate Custom Millwork Contractor. Together, we can create a polished, elegant home you will enjoy for years.